Who uses Satago?

Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

Effective credit control is essential to maintain a healthy cashflow. Keeping on top of dozens or hundreds of debtors is time-consuming and difficult. SMEs use Satago to automate credit control to work more efficiently.

Freelancers & Contractors

It's awkward chasing customers for payment. Spend more time doing the work you love & chasing new customers, let Satago remind your customers to pay you.

Tell us who has been paying you late

You can use Satago for free if you use cloud accounting & share data about when you get paid.

Satago is anonymous and secure, so your customers won't know you submitted data to us.

Don't want to share data? That's fine — you can pay to use Satago instead.

It's easy to integrate Satago with your accounting software:

Simon Middleton, Director, Watershed Entrepreneurs Ltd
"I love this tool. It can help to redress, through accurate, evidence-based information the power imbalance between the big players and the SME world."
Simon Middleton, Director, Watershed Entrepreneurs Ltd
"Another way to look at Satago’s model is as an attempt to shift that market imbalance"
"Potentially disruptive platforms such as Satago … can help."
The Times
"Know your customers — run credit checks on new customers or consult an online service such as Satago."
The Independent
Don't start work in the dark. Check your customers.
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